Aspirational objects for the acquisitive dandy.

Guess what time it is? It’s…time to learn to read analog time.

(Timex Weekender x form.function.form)

With apologies for the self-promotion: I’m selling this corduroy blazer from Topman on eBay. If there are any tall, skinny butches or boys out there who wear a 36R/L jacket, this might be relevant to your interests. (I am not quite so tall as I thought I was, or I wouldn’t be selling it.) Apologies for the slightly washed-out photos — it’s actually a much nicer chocolate brown colour than these shots would suggest.

Detailed measurements in the ad.

TO DO THIS WEEKEND: find the person who decided that men should be encouraged to wear designer sweatpants outside of the home this spring and force that person to watch a slideshow of all the unnecessary junk I’ve had to share a library elevator with this week.